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Traditional Thai Masage
The basic attribute of thai massage is exertion of power on the body pressure points. The massage relieves stress from muscles, articulations / joints, tendons, feet, straighten spine and brings your body overall physic and mental relaxation. For transfer of the pressure energy to your body and in order to combine the required pressure with stretching and acupressure, our masseuses use their thumbs, palms, elbows and feet. Successful Thai massage shall unblock energy lines in your body and include the harmony and balance flow of energy.

Oil Thai Massage
It is a soft form of Traditional Thai massage. During this massage our masseurs exert smaller pressure on the various pressure points on your body. Your body will be exposed to the systematic pressure massage, starting from top of the head, going over the neck, spine and back muscles. We recommend the arm and leg/foot massage including fingers, which is extremly pleasant when our masseurs use special massage oils.

Aroma Oil Thai Massage
Oil Thai massage when we use natural aromatic oil. You can choose from several kinds of aromatic essences.

Royal Thai Massage
Royal Thai Massage is a combination of traditional Thai massage, oil massage and massage using special hot herbal compresses filled with mix of Thai herbs and spice while applying them on places important for energy flow. After this kind of relaxing massage your skin will be very comfortable due to use of 100 % natural oils combined with herbs and spice that are used during the massage. Your skin will be relaxed and softer. It is recommended not to take a bath at least four hours after the massage.

Herbal Thai Massage
Herbal massage is a traditional Thai massage using special warmed herbal bags applied on the places where energy flows. Special bags that are applied on a massaged body are filled with Thai herbs and spice that help to relax perfectly and decrease stress.

Thai Sun Massage
This massage combines traditional Thai massage with fragments of Hawaii massage Kahuna Lomi Lomi. Hot lava stones, used during the therapy, create a strong energetic vibration and hold back lots of iron. Massage rapidly removes muscle blocks and stiff muscles. Heat glows from stones warms up the skin indept, starts up regeneration and releases energy tracks in the body. At he same time the skin, due to the heat from the stones, better absorbs therapeutic oils used during the massage. Massage with stones and by hand alternates.

Massage for Pregnant Women
Oil Thai massage are suitable for pregnant women from 1st to 7th month of pregnancy. Relax and let yourself and your baby feel the warmth of oil Thai massage. Masseuses use 100 % natural oil, so your skin will be soft and silky as well.

Antistress Massage
The releasing massage of face is combined with acupressure technique applied in the area of shoulders and neck.

Face Massage
This releasing massage of face has relaxing effects on central nervous system above all. It helps to slow down the process of ageing for it improves the blood circulation and the elasticity of face muscles. For its excellent relaxing results it is highly recommended not only for women, but also for men.

Back and Neck Massage
We recommend this massage specially to people who have to sit at work most of the time because this massage unblocks the strain in the upper part of your back, head, shoulders and neck. Our masseuses use very special balsam which is prepared in the temple Wat Po in Thailand and they combine pressure and acupressure massage to relieve stiff and painful parts of your body. If you come to take this procedure regularly, your pain can disappear completely.

Foot Massage
This kind of massage consists of massaging each and different reflective points of organs, combined with calves muscles and soles massaging by natural oil. Massage ends with stretching and a good care of your toes. The massage has a very relieving effect and brings you relaxation and positive influence to you psyche.

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